The Art of Human Care®

In 2014, Dr. Hassan A. Tetteh delivered a deeply inspiring speech to first-year medical students during their White Coat Ceremony at his medical school alma mater. Now, published for the first time in book form with illustrations from his daughter, The Art of Human Care presents Tetteh’s words of wisdom and answers the question: How can we change the world through healing?

The Art of Human Care® for COVID‑19

The Art of Human Care theory embodies Purpose, Personalization, and Partnerships. The Art of Human Care for COVID-19 can positively change your life. The global COVID-19 pandemic claimed countless lives, impacted the world, and changed our lives forever.

The Art of Human Care® with AI Artificial Intelligence

The AI revolution is here. AI is fundamentally changing the landscape of healthcare delivery. The Art of Human Care with AI serves to answer the question: How can we leverage AI to change our world through healing?

Gifts of the Heart

Hassan Tetteh’s powerful novel is an inspiration and gift. Dr. Kareem Afram, a young military physician and heart surgeon, comes of age in the desert of Afghanistan. He survives trial, challenges, destruction, illness, and death to overcome the impossible and provide instructions for life—a blueprint for living one’s life to the fullest.

Star Patrol

An invitation to be a TEDx speaker in 2019, provided an opportunity for me to revisit my Star Patrol 'book' written in 1985 for a Young Author's Festival in New York City.

Success Strategies

The CelebrityExperts® in this book, including Hassan Tetteh, offer you a variety of ideas and Success Strategies. Their experience can help you accomplish your objectives in a more timely and efficient manner – especially if you avoid making the same mistakes that they made along the way.

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